Creating Continual Improvement

Flats or Spikes allows you to work as running team like never before.  Create groups for data analysis, connect people together to collect .

An athlete management system for distance running.

Prepare easier and improve the overall performance of your runners. Keep track of your runners' availability and health status and instantly check their condition and readiness to train and compete. Set individualized goals and strategies for training and meets.


Connect and share.

Link parents to athletes for quick communication regarding schedules and locations. Link data to runners and groups for sharing in the work of managing the team and its data.

Communicate easily over SMS or email.

Need to communicate quickly with the entire team. Use our smart groups or build your own groups to easily send messages over SMS or email.


Promote healthy competition!

Manage your team in groups helping people to continually improve.  This healthy competition allows runners to graduate to new groups by achieving their performance goals. Use them to create your own leaderboards.

Connect with Us

We are launching in time for the 2021 season for us all to work together, find our groove, and improve. Connect with us, and we can bring data and science to distance running while we all learn together along the way.

Thanks for joining the Flats or Spikes running family!