Track improvement.

Running data can be collected within and between seasons to review and drive continual improvement. Track training and meet data beyond what simple mileage counters do.


Data. Meets. People.

Split Times Captured Easily

Flats or Spikes makes critical Split Timing data entry simple by allowing coaches, athletes, and assistants to collect data fast, easy, and accurately as a team. Connect with us today!


Collect Split Times.

Assign people on your team to record split times with the simple touch. Eliminate hours of manual data entry and have the data available for a conversation with your runners on the bus ride home!


Connect and Share.

Link parents to athletes for quick communication regarding schedules and locations. Link data to runners and groups for sharing in the work of managing the team and its data.


Connect with Us

We are launching in time for the 2021 season for us all to work together, find our groove, and improve. Connect with us, and we can bring data and science to distance running while we all learn together along the way.

Thanks for joining the Flats or Spikes running family!