Join the Flats or Spikes family. We have something for everyone in our cross country app.


Accurate, quick, and complete team athletic performance for every meet, training session, and your kids personal goals.  Simplify data collection and analysis, instantly  communicate with everyone in the family, and capture what you bring to the table for your team, your family, year after year.


Measure and manage your performance to reach your personal goals.  Track your continual improvement with the best, science-driven analytics out there. Share your analytics with your running family, parents, and other running families. Become the distance runner you know you can be. 


Whether you are a parent doing your part or starting of your own running family, you can help the team collect the best data out there for distance running organized in one place.  Easily capture all data on your phone and send it back to the coach for analysis.



Video-based data capture with runners tagged and collected by members of your running family.  View the performance of any athlete, review strategy and tactics, and prepare for meets in new, science-based and data-driven ways. Review the results as a coach or athlete across meets, training, the offseason, and years.



Collect split times in video, tag runners, add official race times, and get the most accurate times possible with results viewable for the entire family.  Complete the race times for everyone in seconds, review, and instantaneously get the entire family's performance to review coming back from a race...all on your phones... working together like never before. 


Whether you are an athlete, coach, or parent, Flats or Spikes is built for all people in a running family.  Collecting data at designated split times in video, analyzing data, or reviewing your own performance, there is something for everyone to help the cause and help everyone in their quest for continual improvement and  to meet their own goals.  Be a part of the Flats or Spikes family!


Who We Are


We are technologists that believe in continual improvement as much for our users as ourselves.  We started Flats or Spikes to allow people to work together to achieve their goals using science and technology the way it supposed to be used, as tools that just work but don't get in the way.  We believe in the saying that which is measured is managed.


We see a world where athletes, coaches, and anyone who is part of the running family can participate in their own ways to help the team.  We want to build the simplest and best data capture technology in running, produce the best science-based insights on human performance for distance running, and create a platform where everyone contributes and everyone succeeds.


The Flats or Spikes platform is a fully scalable production system based on video data capture, athlete tagging, and human performance analytics. We believe in data-driven, science-based insights to allow people to manage the previously unmanageable and to drive continual improvement in both body and mind.  Come be a part in measuring and continually improving with the Flats or Spikes family.

Get Updates

We are launching a testing program in time for the 2020 season in both traditional and new ways for us all to work together, find our groove, and improve. Connect with us and join the Flats or Spikes running family to bring data and science to cross country and distance running. 

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1902 Fox Drive, Suite 3

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1902 Fox Drive, Suite 3

Champaign, IL


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