Data. Meets. People.

The best teams continually improve by collecting the best data. We make that easy!


Unlock the power of pacing strategies for your team with quick split time collection.

Running is continual improvement. Data is the key to it.

Running data and split times are critical to improve, plan, strategize, and predict future performance. Flats or Spikes makes data capture simple to help individuals and the team improve then review race analytics with the whole team.

Getting the team to meet is only one part of the challenge!

Create meet and training schedules in season and off season. Sync events to calendars with directions and details. Manage splits, flights, and review data for meets.

Simplify managing everyone on the team.

Quickly build a team and manage people within it. Communicate easily over SMS or email. Manage team line ups and data collection assignments. Keep track of athlete status. Group people to quickly communicate, set line ups, or analyze data.


Connect with Us

We are launching in time for the 2021 season for us all to work together, find our groove, and improve. Connect with us, and we can bring data and science to distance running while we all learn together along the way.

Thanks for joining the Flats or Spikes running family!