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Run better. Continually improve.

Great, human run coaches working with you every day to set your workouts and help you meet your goals injury-free.


Starting Line Offer! FREE to try. 

$19.99 a month. 

Limited spots available.

Cancel anytime.

Expertise every day.

Team You. Flats or Spikes builds a team around you and personalizes your workouts and nutrition requirements to allow you to plan your week and meet your long term goals.


Running Coaches

Reach your goals with daily individualized human coaching for all runners from multi-marathoners to beginners.



Our team's approach ensures you can recover quickly and run injury-free again by adjusting your training.


Injury Prevention

We strive for you to run injury-free. Your team focuses on preventive measures to added to your workouts.


Predictive Nutrition

Fueling the body is as critical as training. Your biometrics and training workload predict your nutritional requirements.

Run Coaching. Just for You.

Assign people on your team to record split times with the simple touch. Eliminate hours of manual data entry and have the data available for a conversation with your runners on the bus ride home!


Have Fun. Just Run.

Running data can be collected within and between seasons to review and drive continual improvement. Track training and meet data beyond what simple mileage counters do.


Flats or Spikes

Flats or Spikes brings together human run coaching, our team of experts, endurance nutrition linked with your workouts, physical therapy exercises, and the latest in the science of running to help you attain your running goals injury-free. We are on Team You. Let's run!


To Eat or Not To Eat.

Proving that the hard work pays off and showing continual improvement for the team while establishing goals and promoting healthy internal competition pushes everyone to be better and

win as a team.


Become a runner.
Become a better runner.

Connect with Us

Flats or Spikes is building a community of expertise and science in running in a brand new way. We enable all athletes to access the expertise that professional athletes do at a fraction of the cost. Connect with us to learn more and be a part of our vision of continual improvement for everyone injury-free.

Thanks for joining the Flats or Spikes running family!

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