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Run better. Continually improve.

Great, human run coaches working with you to meet your goals. Flats or Spikes is on Team You.

Join us.

FREE to try. $19.99 a month.

​Limited spots available. Cancel anytime.

Team You.

Flats or Spikes builds a team around you and personalizes your workouts and nutrition requirements to allow you to plan your week and meet your long term goals.

1 on 1 Coaching

Run coaching with REAL people that helps you get the most out of every minute you spend running. 1 on 1 coaching in a modern chat interface keeps you interacting with your coach any time you want.


Your Schedule. Your Workouts. Your Goals. Achieved. Workouts are built by your coach for you to help hit new PRs, race times, or just fit running into your life.


Your training requires your own Nutrition. Biometrics-based and tailored to you and your workouts. Built for runners. You’ll never underfuel when training with us.


Recovery is the key to ensuring you get the most out of your running. Your coach ensures that you don’t overtrain and helps to correct issues before they become injuries.


Your coach has access to world-class expertise to keep you running better and faster than ever. If an issue comes up, your coach huddles with the team to resolve it.

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Run with Us.
We are Team You.

1-month free trial. Then $19.99/month for a very limited time.

“The personalized coaching I've received has reduced my fatigue and made me more thoughtful about my different workouts."

Samantha, Flats or Spikes runner

About Us

Who We Are

Our goal is to create, build, and enhance quality of life for our users and ourselves. Come join us on our journey to become our better selves.

Connect with Us

Flats or Spikes is building a community of expertise and science in running in a brand new way. We enable all athletes to access the expertise that professional athletes do at a fraction of the cost. Connect with us to learn more and be a part of our vision of continual improvement for everyone injury-free.

Thanks for joining the Flats or Spikes running family!

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