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Flats or Spikes Privacy Statement

Flats or Spikes Inc. (“Flats or Spikes”) respects everyone’s privacy. We want you to fully understand what we do with your data and why we do it. The goal of our privacy policy is to help anyone understand what we collect, why we collect it, how we use it, how it is shared, and the way it is stored.  We use this data to allow you to create accounts, use the Services, get help from Flat or Spikes customer support personnel, and receive communication, information, and offers for services offered by Flats or Spikes (the “Services”).


Our approach to running and continual improvement is very data-centric. The more data we have, the better we are able to analyze what makes athletes perform the way they do, and with more data, we can provide you with better information.  In order to bring you these Services, we may use geoservices or location services, biometrics (like weight, height, or age), heart rate, step data, timing data, or video or image data, among others.  


Flats or Spikes is a team-centric science-based running platform. Teams are called Organizations, and Team leaders, like coaches, are called Organization Owners. Data is collected and shared within Organizations with an Organization Owner and the rest of the Members of the Organization.  This data is also used, in a de-identified basis, for larger research projects involving multiple teams, to provide the best possible analysis to you. 


Our privacy policy does not apply to third parties that are not under the control of Flats or Spikes.  

Privacy Policy: Overview

Below are some of the most important parts of our Privacy Policy.  While we encourage you to read and understand the whole Privacy Policy, we believe these key points help you understand how Flats or Spikes views the collection of data. 


  • We do not sell your data to anyone.

  • We plan to work with 3rd parties (like wearable manufacturers) and have to share data with them to flow data into our application and possibly out of our application - these are opt-in services, and you will be notified, and your permission requested, before these data are shared.

    We plan to work with independent, corporate, and academic scientists to do large scale running research - these will also be opt-in services by joining a research Organization on the platform.

    • Any of these data will be de-identified on our platform, so it cannot be linked to you.

  • We will also do our own research on the platform using user data and provide actionable insights for the Organization.  We will also use this research to improve products across the platform. This is more fully described in our Terms of Service.

  • We will collect injury-related information from users including recovery data - we may work with academics and share de-identified data with them to advance the science of injury recovery and the Services, providing you the best possible information about how to recover.


We think the best way to describe our Privacy Policy is to answer the questions you are most likely to have.  Below are the most commonly asked questions about data privacy and collections, and hopefully we answer your questions. If not, please let us know and we can answer your question directly! 

What Personal Data Does Flats or Spikes Collect?


We require certain kinds of data to create accounts:


  • We collect personally-identifiable data to create accounts and be able to communicate with you.

    • Our system authenticates using your mobile phone number, so we collect your phone number. We will also text you as part of the Services if it is needed to update you on information needed to keep your account current, new features, or other important information. 

    • We all collect your name and email address so that we can contact you by email for internal purposes - such as changing your account to a new phone number if your phone number changes. You can use a nickname within the application to identify yourself, too, and we store that data as well to provide the best possible user experience.

    • We will use this information to communicate regarding our Services, including any special offers, new services, or service interruptions.

  • Organizations are private groups created by the Organization Owner. We share collected data across an Organization, and an Organization Owner has a right to access this data.  Since we crowdsense collecting split times, you gain the benefit of people collecting data for you, too.

    • Organization data is completely private to that Organization and is shared only between the members of that Organization.

    • You own your account’s data.  If you join an Organization, you allow that Organization owner access to your data and provide a license to that Organization owner to use your data.

      • If you delete your account, any personally identifiable data (like name, phone number, or email) is deleted from your account.  De-identified data, like race times, used in internal Flats or Spikes analytics or past performance of the Organization is still available to that Organization, just like being a part of the coaches’ paper records; however, we actively remove your personal information from this data and anonymize it.  This way everyone wins – you are no longer linked to the data, but Flats or Spikes and the Organization still benefit from the de-identified data and can provide the best possible information to other users.


When working with Customer Support, we use the following information to communicate with you:

  • When you interact with our customer support representatives by email or telephone, online, or in person, we collect personal data, which may include your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, IP address, contact preferences, and information about subscriptions you've purchased. We also may create event logs that are useful in diagnosing product or app performance-related issues and capture information relating to the support or service issue. To improve your experience we may also record (subject to applicable laws) and review conversations with customer support representatives and analyze any feedback provided to us through voluntary customer surveys. With your consent, our customer support representatives may sign in to your account, if appropriate, to help troubleshoot and resolve your issue.

When you purchase a subscription:

  • We will collect the information needed to have you subscribe to our Services, including applicable personally identifying information. 

  • We use native iOS and Google Play store payment systems, and whatever data is required to maintain and use these systems will be collected and securely stored.  

When we synch data with third parties:


  • When we work with third parties, like wearable manufacturers, there will be some level of data that needs to be shared with that third party to make the data collection effective.

  • You will be notified when this is happening, and your permission will need to be granted for this data to be shared.

Why Does Flats or Spikes Collect Personal Data?

We collect personal data to help with customer support, personalize interactions with the Services and Flats or Spikes, and aid in communication with you and your Organization members.  We do this to keep you informed, improve Flats or Spikes, and provide you the best possible user experience. 

Keep you informed:

  • We update our software, add features, and improve all of our systems and features on a daily basis.  Flats or Spikes needs to keep you informed of these changes and improvements, updates to policies, and to send you detailed information regarding services and offers. In the rare case the Services are not available, we will let you know in advance. 


Continual improvement of our systems and your experience:

  • The Flats or Spikes experience is focused on continual improvement for our users and for ourselves.  We collect both anonymous and personal data from all of our systems (web and mobile) for internal use of Flats or Spikes to improve and learn.

  • The more data we collect, the better we are able to provide suggestions to improve your performance. 


​Creating custom experiences on all of our systems:


  • We use standard systems (cookies, Facebook pixel, Google analytics, Flurry, and other systems) to collect and analyze data from interactions with the Flats or Spikes system. This allows us to tailor an experience to you on any part of our platform.

  • We really want to show you the things that you want to see from us right away.  The data science of running is extensive and deep - we want to make sure that, whenever we interact with you, we present information that matches your interests.  The more data we are able to collect from you, and other users, the better we are able to provide you useful information.

Does Flats or Spikes sell my data? Who has access to my data?

No, we do not sell your personal data.  We sell our Services to you so that we do not have to do that.  With your permission, we may share access to your data with others, such as academic institutions studying running performance, or device manufacturers looking for ways to better capture running data.

Data use within Flats or Spikes:


  • We protect your data internally following our Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy.  We use your data for advanced analytics and research and development purposes internally to create new products and improve the Science of Running and our Services.  This data never leaves systems that are within our control, and the association of this data to your account can be deleted at any time. 

Data shared with 3rd party Scientists:


  • We work with 3rd party Scientists, like those at academic institutions, using de-identified data to create new science that we integrate into our systems and products. Your name and contact info is never provided to third parties without your permission, but by providing your data in a de-identified form, you can help create improvements that benefit the entire running community.

  • We will share additional data, if you opt into doing so, when we work directly with researchers from external institutions. These relationships are entirely opt-in when you agree to participate in a science study, and your permission will be expressly requested prior to this sharing of data.

Data shared with 3rd parties:

  • We will share data and details with other 3rd parties such as wearable device companies or heart rate data stored in Apple or Android systems as required to ensure that we can access those data. You will always be asked for permission before we share this data.

Data shared with the authorities:


  • We will share data with the authorities, like state and federal governments, when we are required to do so. We will alert you, to the extent we are able, and get permissions whenever possible, but we will comply with all legal requirements, including those that require the sharing of your data.

How does data sharing work on Flats or Spikes?

All of your data belongs to you, but you can share your data with your team and your coach, which we call your Organization and Organization Owner.  Flats or Spikes is built so that others collect data for the coach, team, and you during meets and training, so sharing of these data is core to the system.

Sharing data with a team (Organization):


  • When you join a team, you share data with the team automatically.  Similarly, data is automatically shared with you, especially during the data collection process for split timing. This allows for the best possible information being available for your team.


Sharing data with a coach (Organization Owner):


  • When you join a team run by your coach, data is automatically shared with the coach and the coaching staff of your Organization in Flats or Spikes.

  • Just like the paper records of a coach, the coach has access to these data over the long term – even after you leave the team.  We will de-identify your data if requested by you to do so, but the coach will always have access to raw data to best help the team.


Sharing data with you:


  • People on the team or friends of the team collect data on you at meets and during training for your benefit in continually improving. These data are automatically assigned to you within the Flats or Spikes application.  They are also shared across the team and to the coaches instantly. You will be able to monitor these data, and in the event you observe data associated with you that you believe is incorrect, you can flag these data and have them modified or removed.  By allowing others to collect and share your data with you, it gives you better data than you’d be able to collect yourself, leading to better information through Flats or Spikes.

What happens to my data?

Flats or Spikes is committed to protecting and keeping your data for you to access.  You always have access to your data on the platform. As we support more of the long term running career for Flats or Spikes users, you will be able to look back at all of your data over the long term. Between the analytical process of Flats or Spikes, and your own observations, you can maximize your performance with the best possible data.

How can I discuss my data with Flats or Spikes?

Flats or Spikes will discuss your data with you through customer support.  Problems, issues, or changes can be resolved by working with us through customer support. Views, updates, deletions, or transfers will be handled on a case-by-case basis with customer support, within the rules set forth in the Terms of Service and this

Privacy Policy.

Can I download my data from Flats or Spikes?

Yes. You can download your data from Flats or Spikes at any time in CSV format. Access is through download data for each event on the platform.

Who stores my data?

Flats or Spikes uses additional services where your information may be stored, like servers.  We are, at all times, in control of these services at the corporate level. Flats or Spikes may work with contract organizations where we will grant access to data to the employees of these types of organizations.  This can include but is not limited to email sending services, CRM systems, WCMS systems, social media marketing systems, or other service providers.  Regardless with whom we work, Flats or Spikes will always be in control of these data and access will be granted through those systems permission systems for everyday work to occur. These organizations will not have the ability to share your data without your permission. 

What happens if someone buys Flats or Spikes?

In the event of an acquisition, merger, bankruptcy, or other corporate event, we may transfer the rights to access those data to the new corporate owner or custodian.  We will protect your privacy as much as is possible during any such events.

Does this only apply in the USA?

Flats or Spikes is a US company. All of our systems are currently located in the US. Should we offer services to other countries, we will comply with laws regarding stewardship of data and data rights within those companies. We may co-locate your data in the US, if it is allowed by your country should we launch there.  We will inform you with an update of our privacy policy. 

What is a cookie? Do you collect cookies?

If you want to learn about cookies that you do not eat, you can find that information here.

We use cookies for the following purposes:


  • Facilitating site functionality and giving you the best experience possible;

  • Identifying and fixing problems with Flats or Spikes;

  • Analyzing how you and other visitors navigate Flats or Spikes and compiling aggregated statistics about site usage and response rates so that we can better understand our user base, allowing us to provide relevant content and functionality and improve users’ experiences;

  • Remembering your preferences;

  • Preventing and detecting fraudulent activity;

  • Securing Flats or Spikes and your data; and

  • Understanding the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns, including affiliate marketing, and improving our search engine optimization.

We collect information, directly or through third-party providers, through cookies, including:

  • Network or connection information, such as your IP address;

  • Device information, such as your browser type and version, language, time zone, operating system and version, or location; or

  • Usage information, such as time and date of your visit, products purchased, or page views or clicks.


None of this data is shared with third parties without your permission, and only when necessary.

Will you update this policy?

We will update this privacy policy as needed, and we will inform you as to material updates per the schedule described in the Terms of Service.

Who controls my data?

Flats or Spikes is in control of all data in our systems. We are located at:
Flats or Spikes, Inc
1902 Fox Drive
Champaign, IL, 61821

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