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Quickly build a team.

Manage your team the way it needs to be managed. Set roles for runners, coaches, leaders, assistants, and parents.


Athlete management for distance running.

Prepare for meets easier and improve the overall performance of your runners. Keep track of your runners performance in and off season, easily train in groups, review their logs, and create continual improvement based on their data, which is available at your fingertips. Set individualized goals and strategies for training and meets.


Connect and share.

Link parents to athletes for quick communication regarding schedules and locations. Link data to runners and groups for sharing in the work of managing the team and its data.


Manage the team

Work as running team like never before. Create groups for data analysis, connect people together to collect and share data, and manage athletes in new, unique ways.

Communicate easily over SMS or email.

Need to communicate quickly with the entire team. Use our smart groups or build your own groups to easily send messages over SMS or email.

Groups make everything better!

These groups help you communicate and share information easily within Flats or Spikes, and they help you quickly build rosters for training and races. They also enable you to analyze team and runner data in new ways you never thought possible.


Promote healthy competition!

Manage your team in groups helping people to continually improve.  This healthy competition allows runners to graduate to new groups by achieving their performance goals. Use them to create your own leaderboards.


Manage team
rosters and data collection assignments.

Quickly set line ups for meet races even with flights. It doesn’t matter how many races or flights or runners. Set yourself up for great data collection the right way.

Group people to quickly communicate, set line ups, or analyze data.

Quickly create dynamic groups for being able to communicate quickly. Use SMS or email in new ways with Flats or Spikes. We make it easy to group txt or email using the systems that everyone commonly uses.


Team Management

A coach can create a team (requires subscription) and invite athletes and associates and other coaching staff.


Ditch Paper.
Save Time.
Train Better.

2-week free trial then $9.99/month or $99.99/year.

Invoices for reimbursement available on request.


Data. Meets. People.

Connect with Us

Connect with Us

Connect with us, and we can bring data and science to distance running while we all learn together along the way.

Thanks for joining the Flats or Spikes running family!

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