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Quality of Life

Flats or Spikes is focused on creating quality of life through continual improvement in everything that we do. Let's run!

Continual Improvement

It's our mission. We are dedicated to Team You. Our team of coaches and experts work with you everyday in every way to help you reach your goals.

Flats or Spikes Fosters a Science-based Approach

Flats or Spikes is all about the experimental method to continually improve. That requires hypotheses, experimentation, data collection, analysis, and synthesis — just so that we can start the process all over again.


Endurance athletes and coaches lead a life of experimentation to see what works. We not only foster that approach, but we also expand on it. We build systems that optimize human performance based on physics-based science, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence / machine learning.

We like to say: Not everyone can know everything. We have built a team of some of the best experts in running, nutrition, physical therapy, and sports medicine to help us build the best running platform on the planet. Our team works with our coaches to provide our runners decades of years of experience in three different medical disciplines. This way we all learn from each other and improve!

Come join us on a journey to become our better selves.

Our Story

We are technologists that believe in continual improvement as much for our users as ourselves. We started Flats or Spikes to allow runners, coaches, and experts to work together using science and technology the way it is supposed to be used, as tools that just work and don’t get in the way. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring together runners, coaches, domain experts, and science systems into the Flats or Spikes platform so that we can all learn and improve together injury free. Only the best funded running teams and coaches have access to the domain expertise at Flats or Spikes. We put each runner on our platform at the center of the experience. We are here for Team You.

Our Technology

The Flats or Spikes platform is a fully scalable production system based on human run coaching, intelligent systems, and domain expertise in sports medicine, physical therapy, and nutrition. We believe in data-driven, science-based insights to allow people to manage the previously unmanageable and to drive continual improvement in both body and mind. Come be a part in building the best running platform on the planet.

Connect with Us

Flats or Spikes is building a community of expertise and science in running in a brand new way. We enable all athletes to access the expertise that professional athletes do at a fraction of the cost. Connect with us to learn more and be a part of our vision of continual improvement for everyone injury-free.

Thanks for joining the Flats or Spikes running family!

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