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Press Release: Launch of All-In-One Coaching, Nutrition, and Sports Therapy Platform for Runners

Champaign, Illinois - Flats or Spikes, Inc. has announced that it is launching an all-in-one running platform incorporating everything that runners need for long term competitive performance. Flats or Spikes combines daily interactive human run-coaching with intelligent-systems built with the sports therapy, nutrition, and run-coaching expertise of our world class advisory team. This creates a holistic, individualized training experience while reducing the chance of injury.

“Flats or Spikes enables all runners to get access to the same expertise that professional runners do.” says Paul S Miller, PhD CEO and Co-Founder. “Runners want to spend their time running. Flats or Spikes modernizes coach-runner communication, individualizes training plans, integrates science-based analytics, and brings together tailored nutrition and hot-spot management to reduce the chance of injury.” Brent Trenhaile, PhD COO and Co-Founder adds. “Our goal is a One-Stop-Shop for runners looking for expertise in all aspects of their training without the hassle of building their own team of individual experts.”

“Flats or Spikes isn’t just for competitive and high-mileage runners. It’s also for new runners who are likely to overtrain and injure themselves. We provide frictionless expertise and preventative maintenance to stop hot spots from becoming serious injuries for all runners.” explains Brent. Paul adds, “Flats or Spikes believes that everyone deserves expertise. We are making that a reality for all runners.”

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About Flats or Spikes

Flats or Spikes, Inc. specializes in integrating domain expertise and intelligent systems to create science-based apps that people love. We work to build products that people use everyday. Our applications create understanding from data and build community through perseverance. We believe in building quality of life for all while everyone continually improves.

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