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James Chandler Joins Flats or Spikes

Champaign, Illinois - Flats or Spikes, Inc. has announced that Major James Chandler PA has joined Flats or Spikes as a distance running-focused Sports Medicine expert. Flats or Spikes is building the world's first digital running program integrating expertise in running, sports therapy, endurance nutrition, and sports medicine in a single platform. James is a Physician’s Assistant with over 10 years of experience as a direct primary care and emergency medicine provider helping diagnose and treat many sports and running related injuries. He has also provided medical care for race events over the years. He is a veteran and active member of the National Guard where he provides care and certifies fitness. James is an avid marathoner running the Chicago marathon every year since 2012 including a run in absentia from Afghanistan in 2019 all for Camp One Step’s charity team.

“James thoroughly knows the medical side of endurance training not only for his own training but also for the patients and troops that he has cared for over the years. His depth of experience in early diagnosis and care for athletic issues including his experience in-field is invaluable to helping build Flats or Spikes’ intelligent systems.” says Paul S Miller, PhD, CEO and Co-Founder of Flats or Spikes.

“Working with people to improve their health is my calling, and running is a personal passion of mine. It’s great to join Flats or Spikes where everything comes together in one platform to give runners everything they need to train injury-free.” James says adding. “I’ve already started my training for the Chicago Marathon on Flats or Spikes as part of the alpha group.”

James joins Flats or Spikes to work on the intelligent systems for identifying hot-spots and understanding when the probability of injury increases during endurance training. Hot-spot management in endurance training is critical for long term continual improvement. Early identification to avoid injury is essential to prevent serious setbacks especially when training for events like a marathon.

“Flats or Spikes is focused on getting runners the medical expertise they need to remain injury-free while they train. James’ practical, professional experience is just what we need to build the system handling hot-spot identification.” says Brent Trenhaile, PhD, COO and Co-founder of Flats or Spikes.

Flats or Spikes is currently completing an alpha program and beginning a public beta program aimed for the end of April, 2022. Runners will get access to a modern approach to coach-runner communication, personalized training plans, integrated science-based analytics, tailored nutrition requirements based on athlete workload, and sports therapy-based hot-spot management systems to reduce the chance of injury. “Join our beta program and be a part of building a new, personalized human running experience at Flats or Spikes in April.” Paul says.

About Flats or Spikes

Flats or Spikes, Inc. specializes in integrating domain expertise and intelligent systems to create science-based applications that people love. We work to build products that people use everyday. Our applications create understanding from data and build community through perseverance. We believe in building quality of life for all while everyone continually improves.

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