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  • How do I get the app?
    Get the app at or search "Flats or Spikes" in your app store, or by following these links to the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • How do I contact customer support?
    You can message at any time. You can also select the "chat" icon in the bottom-right of this website. If you have the app already and are logged in, go to the Feed > Settings > Help and Support > Contact Support. If you have the app but are having trouble logging in, look for a "chat" icon in the top-right to get in touch.
  • Does the app cost money?
    It's free to download the app. As a coach or team organizer you can start a free trial and subscribe to create and maintain your team. You can invite as many people as you'd like to your team and they can join free of charge—as long as the team owner maintains the subscription.
  • Why does Flats or Spikes require phone numbers to use the app?
    Flats or Spikes does not use a username/password to identify and secure your account. Instead we use your mobile phone number along with a verification code we send to your mobile device. Not only is this more secure than a username/password, it is easier for you because you do not have to remember or store these details. However, this does mean people must have a mobile phone to use the platform.
  • What if an athlete doesn’t have a phone or I don’t know their phone number?
    Contact customer support and we will assist you in adding your athletes without phone numbers. Note that they will not be able to use the app, but you will be able to collect data for them just as you would for a team member that has a phone.
  • Are my teams’ phone numbers private? Who can see my athletes’ phone numbers? Can athletes see each other's phone numbers? Who can see my phone number?
    All phone numbers for members of your team are kept confidential and private within your team. We are also aware if you have a middle school or high school team, your team members are likely a mix of minors and adults. So even within your team, we have strict rules around who has access to contact information for your team members. These rules are based around the role you give each team member. As a coach (and anyone you give a coach role), you can see everyone’s contact information and everyone can see your contact information. Other roles can only see contact information for coaches, but no one else.
  • What if I need to change my phone number?
    Contact customer support and we will assist you with updating your mobile phone number.
  • How do I resend an invite to a person after I’ve added them to the team?
    It is not necessary to resend invites. Flats or Spikes recognizes people based on the phone number you entered when you invited a person to your team, not based on the SMS invite itself. When the person downloads the Flats or Spikes app and enters the Sign In/Sign Up process, we will automatically recognize their number and invite them to your team. However, if you still want to resend the SMS invite, this can be done by deactivating the team member and then reactivating them. The reactivation will trigger a new SMS invite to be sent. To do this, go to the People tab and find their profile. Tap the ellipsis menu then Edit Profile. Scroll to the bottom and tap Membership Status. Deactivate them by tapping the switch then and confirm by tapping Deactivate. Tap the switch again and confirm by tapping Reactivate.
  • What if I forgot to add an athlete to the race?
    Each split timer should proceed with collecting video and taking split times on their mobile phone. The split time for the missing athlete can simply remain unassigned on each split timer’s phone. A coach will need to go to the Race Details in the Meets tab and add the athlete to the race. After this is done, a coach will need to ask each split timer to go back to the data collection screen and assign the newly-added athlete to the unassigned split time.
  • Can I just collect the finish times and not collect any split times?
    Yes. We default the splits for each race in your meet to 1.00 miles for cross country or One Lap for track, but you can change this when confirming race details. On the Splits screen, you select Custom for cross country or Finish Times Only for Track. These options will enable you to collect finish times only.
  • What if I start the wrong race clock? What if I forget to start the race clock?
    Don’t worry, just have your split timers collect data as they would if the clock were running. You do need to note the start time, and then later you will be able to manually enter the start time in the data for the race. As split timers collect data for a race without a running clock, the times will not appear in the circles because there will be no start time to reference against. But the absolute time of day has been recorded and as soon as you enter the start time, the split and finish times relative to the start of the race will appear. Add a Start Time from the Results section in the Data tab, tap on Start Times. Enter the time of day this race actually started.
  • What if I miss recording one split time for an athlete? Can I manually add split times for a race?
    If you used the app’s Data Capture feature to collect split data for a race but missed a split time, you can add it later. After a race, you can add a missing split time for any athlete from the Data tab. Currently, split times cannot be added to historical races which did not use the Data Capture feature to collect race data. Here’s how to add a split time: From the Data tab, choose View by Athlete. Select the athlete whose split time you want to edit. Select Meet Results or Training Results. Choose the Race. On the athlete’s Individual Results for the race, tap the split time. Update the split time and Save.
  • When I compose an email, it uses Outlook instead of Gmail?"
    Flats or Spikes uses the email client you have set as the default in your phone’s operating system settings. To change your default email client: On iPhone: Go to Settings > find your preferred email client in the list > tap Default Mail App > choose your preferred app. On Android: Go to Settings > Apps > find your preferred email client in the list > Set as Default.
  • Can I export data from a Meet? How do I export data from a Meet?
    Yes, you can export the split arrival times for all your athletes to a Google Sheet we create for you. From the Google Sheet, you can do whatever you want to with your data. From the Data tab tap Meet Results. Tap the Meet your want to Export. Tap the ellipses menu then Export Data. Tap Create Spreadsheet. To view it on another device, tap Email Link to Myself. To view it on your phone, tap Open Spreadsheet.
  • I need a training plan for an upcoming race.
    Great! Our experts can help you with that. Just follow this link and we'll help you create a science-based plan to reach your race goals: <todo>
  • I want to start running or return to running after an absence.
    You're in the right place! Our coaches work with runners of all different levels. Just follow this link and we can help you get started: <todo>
  • I need help with my running nutrition.
    You're in luck! We work with one of the leading experts on nutrition for endurance sports. Tell us a little more and we can help you figure out the best nutrition plan for your training: <todo>
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