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Mike Neault Joins Flats or Spikes

Champaign, Illinois - Flats or Spikes, Inc. has announced that Mike Neault has joined Flats or Spikes as Lead Running Coach and distance running expert. Flats or Spikes is building the world's first digital running program integrating expertise in running, sports therapy, endurance nutrition, and sports medicine in a single platform. Mike has over 10 years of experience as a running coach working with large groups of athletes helping them meet their training goals. He has worked with all levels of athletes individually and in groups for major races like the Chicago Marathon. He has also coached professionally for Chicago Endurance Sports.

“Mike brings a very unique perspective on coaching to Flats or Spikes. He has coached large groups of runners in very systematic yet personalized ways. Our science-based approach to run coaching requires a similar touch.” says Paul S Miller, PhD, CEO and Co-Founder of Flats or Spikes. “His ability to work individually with athletes alongside working within larger groups is critical for us to build a successful distance running platform.” “Joining Flats or Spikes is incredibly exciting for me. Not only am I part of building a new running platform incorporating all of this expertise, we are also reimagining the coaching experience in modern ways within a science-based running program.” Mike says.

Flats or Spikes is currently completing an alpha program and beginning a public beta program aimed for the end of April, 2022. Runners will get access to a modern approach to coach-runner communication, personalized training plans, integrated science-based analytics, tailored nutrition requirements based on athlete workload, and sports therapy-based hot-spot management systems to reduce the chance of injury. “Join our beta program and be a part of building a new, personalized human running experience at Flats or Spikes in April.” Paul says.

Mike Neault Joins Flats or Spikes

About Flats or Spikes

Flats or Spikes, Inc. specializes in integrating domain expertise and intelligent systems to create science-based applications that people love. We work to build products that people use everyday. Our applications create understanding from data and build community through perseverance. We believe in building quality of life for all while everyone continually improves.

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