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Lionel Montenegro

Running Coach


Lionel is from Elmhurst, IL and resides in Los Angeles, CA. He splits time coaching teams at CalTech and the Marlborough School. A 2022 University of Washington MA Ed. graduate, Lionel specializes in athletic administration and athlete coaching pedagogy. He competed at York High School under Coach Joe Newton’s tutelage, the first prep Olympic coach in US history. Although racing events as short as 400 meters, he excelled at longer events. Attending Indiana University, he walked-on to a national caliber cross country team. Upon graduation in 2010, Lionel began road racing and offering individualized coaching. Serendipity led him to coaching cross country and track at the Latin School of Chicago in 2015. After major successes, Lionel decided to pursue work at the NCAA level through graduate study. Lionel is USA Track and Field Level I certified. He still competes on the roads and the track, focusing on the marathon.

Coaching Philosophy

Although athletic improvement fundamentally stems from targeting gaps in metabolic systems, building an aerobic base, and improving on weaknesses, ultimately a coach must learn and employ the current strengths of an individual in order to build on their engagement and enthusiasm while methodically addressing athlete shortcomings.

Personal Thoughts or Info

My life and athletic successes are slow coming as I work toward my own purpose. However, running is the one constant. After modest beginnings, I learned first-hand the transformative impact running has on people, especially after a string of consistent improvements. It’s the realization that we have more command over the perceptions of our limitations than previously thought that drives me to share this sport’s potential with others. We methodically work through workouts, when it’s really the most primitive functions that come into play during the late stages of any race.

“I ran until my muscles burned and my veins pumped battery acid. Then I ran some more.” - Tyler Durden, Fight Club (1999).

We train to understand our bodies and enable ourselves to make that conscious decision late in the race to run some more.

Certifications and Experience

USA Track and Field Level I


Los Angeles, CA originally from Chicago, IL

Lionel Montenegro
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