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Trent Mack

Running Coach


Trent spent 12 years coaching at the NAIA and NCAA level coaching mid-distance and distance programs. Recently, he was coaching at MSU Denver, the University of Northern Colorado, and Ashland University. His coaching career included performances totaling over 50 All-American awards, 8 National Champions, and NCAA awards including the Division II National athlete of the meet and the NCAA 800-meter record holder. Honored with multiple conference coach of the year awards, in 2015 he was selected as the NCAA Assistant coach of the year with a dominating performance by his distance athletes that included two national titles at the NCAA indoor championships. The past 7 years, Mack has also coached and group trained nearly 2500 fitness classes in Colorado.

Coaching Philosophy

Developing runners is a passion that never fades. His coaching built around the motto “The secret to success is consistency of purpose.” Every training run, workout, and even recovery day serves a purpose towards the overall plan. Training on purpose, with a purpose and repeating the process is a recipe for success. Every journey has a starting point with a goal in mind. Once that’s established the fun begins as you build the bridge to connect the two.

Personal Thoughts or Info

He loves to be active and get outdoors. Sports in general, running, lifting, he enjoys doing it all and shares that love with his family. He and his family try to take advantage of the Colorado sunshine and mountain trails at any and all opportunities. When it comes to music and movies he enjoys a pretty good variety and by the end of a busy week there’s nothing he looks forward to more than unwinding with a family movie night. Some of his favorites go back a few years to Braveheart and Pearl Harbor, but if you want to be inspired by a running flick you can't go wrong watching Without Limits.

Certifications and Experience
  • NASM Group Training


  • Track and Field Championships Games Committee

  • Cross Country National Rankings Committee


Windsor, Colorado originally from Eastern South Dakota

Trent Mack
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