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Features of the Flats or Spikes App

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Flats or Spikes is an incredible application. It can revolutionize your team’s data collection and save you hundreds of hours of data entry time through a season. Avoid burnout and take back your time. Have people help you collect great data for your team and continuously improve together.

Flats or Spikes is Built to Save You Time

Flats or Spikes is a full featured mobile timing system using our Universal Timing System (patent pending). It’s more than a stopwatch. It’s a complete mobile timing system with video capture and review shared amongst the team. Anyone can collect data, accurately.

No wearables - No RFID. You only need mobile phones!

Our system makes it possible to have many people collecting splits and saving you so much personal time. Use your time to coach instead of trying to understand peoples’ scribbles, decipher messy notes, and laboriously typing data into spreadsheets. Not only does our system save you time, you can collect more data, faster, and more accurately to truly track continual improvement the way it should be done at the frequency it should be done too.

A One Stop Shop for Distance Running Teams

The Flats or Spikes platform is a mobile platform for distance running teams to collect and analyze race and training that works on both iOS and Android devices. Flats or Spikes includes a full featured mobile Universal Timing System, Data Collection System, and Team Management System for Meets, Training, and People management. Our application has been built from the ground up to collect split and finish times at meets and practices, like 1 or 2 mile time trials. Analytics are available and shared immediately to everyone on the team. Cross country and track coaches can create and organize their teams, invite people, set up meets and races, collect data, and analyze results. Athletes can join teams, manage their personal information, goals, and PRs, assist in data collection, and review race results. Parents and associates can join teams, manage their personal information, assist in data collection, and review race results.

Creating a team requires a subscription of $9.99 a month or $99.99 for a full year (with a two week free trial), but all athletes, coaches, and associates (friends or parents) can participate on the platform for free when invited to that team.

Flats or Spikes replaces the paper and the stopwatches with our Universal Timing System and data collection infrastructure but not the person. Instead of collecting splits on paper and trying to figure out accurate timing between multiple clocks and stopwatches, getting all the paper logs, and transcribing data into spreadsheets on your own time, a coach simply sends people onto the course with Flats or Spikes to record times. Split and finish times are available as they happen and analytics are calculated instantly - saving you hours of time every week. Everyone on the team can see the same clock(s) and collect data with our Universal Timing System. Video of all splits can be captured too to ensure accuracy during review. Flats or Spikes saves hours of time and removes the hassle of data entry into spreadsheets and the spreadsheets themselves.

The Flats or Spikes platform is built for large teams, small teams, and professional athletes with advisors working with them. We can also help set up your team with you to make it even easier.

List of Features

  • Data Collection

    • Universal Timing System

      • Start races and share race time clock to the team automatically

      • Create multiple precise clocks for multiple flights

      • Record video for review to ensure you capture all race times correctly

    • Real Time Engagement

      • Record split and finish times which are available instantly to the team - you can see athletes progress in Real Time

      • Pacing analytics are immediately available so that you can Coach It in the moment

    • Video Review

      • Review race footage to correct or add missing split times

    • Data Access

      • Team data is always at your team’s fingertips

      • Export data from all meets to your own spreadsheet for download, additional analysis, or printed archival

    • Collect Splits

      • 0.25 mi, 0.5 mi, and 1 mi or

      • 0.25 km, 0.5 km, and 1 km or

      • 100 m, 200 m, and 400 m

      • NEW! Custom Splits.

        • Want to collect data splits at 1, 2, and 3.1 mi for a 5K - Flats or Spikes makes this easy. Works also for a cross country course with severe terrain or other features you want to use for planning.

      • The finish split has to be captured for each athlete.

    • Assign an athlete to splits and finishes

      • Auto assign if only one athlete in race for individuals

    • Share the Work! Athletes, coaches, and parents can all help collect splits with Flats or Spikes.

  • Data Visualization and Management

    • Individual athlete PRs and goals can be created and set

    • Split times (total, interval, pace) are captured and are available immediately.

    • Split deviation charts are created

    • Team split-to-split charts are created after splits are collected for more than one athlete.

    • Team time spread chart compares each athlete’s time for each split.

    • Official race time and place for your records.

  • Meet and Race Management

    • Create a cross country or track meet with races

    • Create flights/heats in the races

    • Create an entire season

    • Create locations for meets that are used over years

    • Create training events

    • Assign athletes to races/flights/heats

    • Assign split timers

  • Team Management

    • A coach can create a team (requires subscription)

    • Coach can invite athletes, associates and other coaching staff

    • Athletes can invite their parents

    • Additional coaches have coach-level permissions including managing the team, creating meets and races, and starting races

    • Athletes and others can join a team (requires an invitation)

  • People Management

    • Add members manually or from contacts or a spreadsheet

    • Smart groups are automatically created to make communication easy including Athletes, Coaches, Parents, Associates

    • Coaches can create groups and add members to groups

    • Coaches can text or email members and groups of members

  • Subscriptions

    • $9.99 per month with 2-week free trial

    • $99.99 per year with 2-week free trial

Contact Us to Learn More or to Help Setup Your Team

If you’d like to talk to us to learn more about Flats or Spikes, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can talk about Flats or Spikes! It's our favorite subject and passion.

Set up a Demo: Calendar Link

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