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Race Video Review

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Reviewing Race Video

With Flats or Spikes, you can easily review race video and correct split times captured during the race. Just open Video Review for any split you have a video recording for to adjust or add a split time.

Navigating to Video Review

To start reviewing video, just open Data Capture and select the split you would like to review. Then open the menu in the top right corner and select Review Video.

Adjusting a Split Time

If a split time was captured too early or too late during the race, Video Review allows you to easily correct it after the fact. Simply locate the split tag you wish to correct, select it, and remove the incorrect tag. Then use the video player to review the video of the race and add a new split time using the Split Time button at the correct point.

Adding a New Split Time

Sometimes a runner gets missed during a race. With Video Review, you get a second chance. You can rewatch your race video and add a split time for any runners whose split times were not captured in real-time. Just play the video, tap Split Time when you spot one of these runners, and assign them to save the correct split time.

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